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to be used by everyone, in their journey, to make a difference in the world ...


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The tools you wish you had

You have big projects, campaigns, and ideas that’s going to change the lives of everyone and make the world a better place.

Then something unplanned comes up (and there will be many) you become reactive, your priorities change, plans out the window, and goals forgotten. Eventually, you've been firefighting all year, (at the brink of or already are) burnt out, and emotionally drained.

Wait. Take a deep breath. There’s tools, frameworks, and actions that can help you.

  • Prioritise your self-care.
  • Build better habits.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Achieve your goals.
  • Make the world a better place.

Why this Journal?

Eight years, over fifty books, and countless research on psychology, performance, and planning; carefully curated into one small package

My journey started in 2011 to better manage my studies, campaigns, and phantom pains. It started with a simple handwritten gratitude journal on a notebook from the pound shop. It's grown arms and legs since then. - and it's ever evolving

It wasn't long before family, friends, and clients started asking for one. So I created a book, that I hope, stops the common problems that I experienced with colleagues & clients, in movements, working toward social change:

Self-care systems that seem complex
Awareness of signs & getting help early

I created a system to fit a DIY personal therapist, coach, and assistant into one book that's easy to follow, bite sized, and automated.

It's broken into 12 week chunks (plus one for review). It is important for us that you get the most out of this journal. A lot of time and care was put into this journal as you see it now. - down to the millimetre

The SMOOVEjournal

  • Diary, planner, and notebook in one; instead of having to carry 3 books
  • Includes video & graphic tutorials to help you get the most out of your journal - delivered directly to you on facebook messenger through our bot
  • Funds future bite-sized lessons to help you, and others like you; be more present, productive, proactive, and personally powerful
  • Updated quarterly to give you the latest tools to succeed from your reviews & further research
  • Ensures our forests will be around for generations to come (we use PEFC certified paper)
  • Supports local businesses:

We've partnered with a local bindery, who created TOAD Diaries, in Brighouse, resourced with their own staff and bookbinding experts, where staff welfare and team spirit takes precedence

  • A5
  • Hardback
  • Cloth covered
  • Lays flat
  • Section sewn bound
  • Two ribbons
  • Business card holder

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If you're an individual and you want to try it.

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£24 per quarter

You're an individual or small team and want to automatically have a fresh box every quarter.

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£ 7 / month

£84 per year

You're buying it for a group or an organisation.

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It's the first time we're releasing these journals to the public. We only printed 100 for our first print. The journals are carefully crafted with the utmost quality in mind. It will take a few weeks to produce. So when we sell out, please be patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We priced it at £9/month or £27/journal every quarter so you can have journal that:

    • Is updated regularly to give you the best tools to succeed

    • Funds video lessons to help you perform better and make the world a better place

    • Includes a diary, planner, and notebook in one. instead of having to manage 3 books

    • Is highly portable, instead of having a thick one year planner

    • Ethical & ensures our forests will be around for generations to come (we use PEFC certified paper)

    • Is a cloth covered premium book, instead of a cheap cardboard

    • Lays flat, instead of wires that get in the way

    • Supports local businesses, instead of oversees bulk production where the welfare of workers are unknown

    - - We've partnered with TG Media-Vision Ltd, the company behind Toad Diaries, a local business with a bindery operation, resourced by their own staff, each experienced in the bookbinding industry

  • No. Not yet. We're building it into the system and it will be with you soon. Visit us for updates.

  • Yes. Just get in touch with us at:
    However, we print our journals in batches. It's also limited to availability.

  • We aim to despatch all orders every Monday, by Royal Mail 1st Class Sign For, so that you will have them with you in the week.

  • Go to and say hello to our bot to have access to the videos. They will be released daily for the first week, and weekly in the following 12 weeks to check in with your progress. We want to increase your wellbeing, productivity, achievement, and ensure you get the most out of the principles and systems.

  • The quickest way is to start with the daily pages. If you're afraid of making mistakes, ask us for a printable copy of specific pages and try them out as you need, it's there to help you. And/or use an erasable pen.

  • No. However, we are building carefully timed daily and weekly prompts into our messenger bot platform so you can stay on track with your progress.